Bauer Reactor Digital Radar Ii

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Hockey is more than just three periods. It’s the time you put in on non-gamedays or in-between seasons that helps make you a better player. Whether it’s on your driveway or during a practice skate, BAUER has all the tools you need to continue to develop your skating, shooting, passing, and stick handling skills.

See how fast and strong your shots are with instant results on the REACTOR DIGITAL RADAR II. View from any angle with a quick and easy setup. Perfect for hockey, but ready to be used for any of your off-season sports.

  • Portable and easy-to-use hands free operation.
  • Large, green LED display that’s readable from 10 meters away.
  • Optional voice notification to announce speed readings.
  • Works across multiple sports to measure shooting, hitting, and pitching velocity.
  • Simple mounting system fits posts up to 2.5”
  • High-speed accuracy.

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PLU: 244377
BRAND: Bauer
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