Bauer 940 Certified Cat Eye Junior Hockey Goalie Mask Os White

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The Profile Goalie Mask has one of the most distinguishable shapes in mask history and with almost 20 straight years of timeless designs, the Bauer 940 continues to provide that heritage shape with updated foams and comfort.

The shell of the Bauer 940 is designed with a Full Fibercomp shell designed to have great durability and protection from shots taken off the goaltender’s head while helping reduce vibrations and ringing. The overall design of the 940 helmet not only looks slick but aims to help keep the goaltender protected.

Internally on the Bauer 940, Airflow Liner allows for the goaltender to stay cool when using this helmet by allowing air to flow through the vents through the top of the helmet. Padding soft VN foam which provides a soft and plush feel on the goaltender’s head.

Wrapping up the internals, a Thermocore sweatband is featured to help the goaltender stay cool on the ice during long sessions where they otherwise start to feel overheated. Down further, an NME IX chin cup with elastic stretch straps allows the goaltender to comfortably put this helmet on with a chin cup with the elastic helping the goaltender naturally adjust into a comfortable fit.

Finally, around on the back of the Bauer 940 you will find a polycarbonate backplate with molded occipital support to help the goaltender achieve a comfortable feeling when wearing this mask. Topping it off, a Pro Harness allows the goaltender to make small adjustments on five different attachment points to dial in the exact fit they desire.

If you are an intermediate-level goaltender looking for a traditional Bauer helmet with years of trusted features with plush foams providing a comfortable fit, look no further than the Bauer 940 Junior Certified Cat Eye Goalie Mask.

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