Ccm Jetspeed Ft Youth Hockey Stick

Product Information

Elevate your child's game with our CCM Jetspeed FT Hockey Stick. Crafted for young players, our stick aids in proper grip and enhances stickhandling and shooting skills. Empower your child to excel on the ice with this premier tool, designed to unlock their full potential.

YOUTH GEOMETRY Designed to help kids learn how to hold their stick and develop their stickhandling and shooting technique

STIFF COMPOSITE PAINTED BALDE Blade stiffness that helps younger players lift the puck while allowing enough puck feel for stickhandling and passing

FULL GRIP Full grip to help with control and feel.


30 FLEX / 48” P29

20 FLEX / 45” P29

10 FLEX / 42” P29

Additional Information:

PLU: 243415
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Curve: P29
Hand: LEFT
Flex: 10 FLEX
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