Rawlings Pro-Label Series Gameday Wood Baseball Bat Ozzie Albies Profile Oa1

Product Information

Step up to the plate with the Rawlings Ozzie Albies Pro Label Maple Wood Bat and channel your inner superstar with every swing.

  • Crafted from high-quality maple wood, known for its durability and performance, ensuring a reliable and powerful swing
  • OA1 Profile, designed to the specifications of professional hitter Ozzie Albies, this bat offers a balanced feel and optimal performance
  • Factory sealed to maintain the preferred weight and performance in all weather conditions, ensuring consistent performance
  • 2 3/8" barrel diameter provides a larger hitting surface, allowing for solid contact and increased power potential
  • 15/16" handle diameter offers a comfortable grip and better control, allowing you to swing with confidence and precision

Additional Information:

PLU: 242514
BRAND: Rawlings
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