Diadora Pichichi 6 Md Junior Soccer Cleats

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If calcio is becoming your favorite sport and you can't wait to start training, why not do it with Pichichi? This calcio shoe is specifically designed for firm ground surfaces, featuring a water-resistant Suprell upper with an antistretch fabric lining and a non-slip PU fabric lining at the back. Moreover, the fixed insole incorporates flex points in the forefoot area, providing an additional sensation of comfort and dynamism.

The Pichichi 6 MR JR features a rubber sole with varying hardness and 14 fixed oval studs. The sole is seamlessly stitched to the upper at the front, making it an ideal choice for training on natural soils, and extremely hard or compact surfaces. Do not wait any longer–begin your journey in the world of calcio with Pichichi!

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BRAND: Diadora
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