Donic Schildkrot Appelgren 300 Table Tennis/Ping Pong Set 2 Paddles / 3 Balls

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Mikael Applegren was one of Sweden’s all-time great players. He is a 4-time World Champion and 9-time European Champion. Teaming with Jan Ove Waldner and Jorgen Persson, they were the team that finally ended China’s dominance as the #1 team in the world in the late eighties and early nineties, winning the World Team Championships 3 times in a row. This namesake racket set honors Applegren’s great accomplishments.
The high quality set offers excellent quality for the price and consists of 2 Applegren 300 Level Rackets and 3 Training Balls. The 5-ply rackets are ITTF-legal with red/black 1.0mm Jade inverted rubber and a flared ergonomic handle. These rackets offer high control, perfect for all-round players like Applegren who excelled at strategically placed, controlled shots with sudden flashes of fast play.
There are two 40mm white balls and one orange ball so you’re sure to have the right one for best visibility in a variety of playing conditions. A very good 2-player set that gives you all the basic gear you need to enjoy playing ping pong with friends or family.

Speed: 30, Spin: 40, Control: 90 

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PLU: 241398
BRAND: Donic Schildkrot
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