Warrior Ritual G6 E+ Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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Brand new for 2022, the sixth iteration of Warrior Goalie’s beloved Ritual line has arrived! Building off the rich history and success of the G3, G4 and G5 lines, the G6 is destined to join them in the pantheon of beloved Warrior gear. The Warrior Ritual G6 E+ Senior Goalie Leg Pads are super-lightweight and designed to help goalies get the most out of their equipment.

Making its return from the G5 is Warrior’s CoverEDGE+ technology. Designed to maximize coverage via an innovative face forward design, the face of each piece of G6 gear is brought forward, cutting down the angle to the puck to let you get a piece that would miss traditionally designed gear.

The G6 E+ features Warrior’s AirSlide 3.0 landing surface to help enhance sliding. Diagonally oriented channels are designed to create an optimal trajectory when sliding around the crease and are engineered to decrease the overall surface area that contacts the ice, in turn making sliding easier and more consistent on any quality of ice. Warrior has also removed the binding from the inside of the knee to increase overall durability and reduce friction when sliding. Paired with an easily removable polycarbonate slide plate on the knee block, the G6 E+ is Warrior’s best sliding pad to date!

A RVH optimized shape on the outer roll makes its return from the G5 on the G6 line. The shape is designed to seal the face and post while in RVH position to prevent pucks from sliding in the gap that can be found on most pads.

Around on the back of the G6 E+ you will find a 360TriFit leg channel, which when coupled with the contoured shape increases connectivity and control of the pad in rotation and dropping.

Warrior has added SlingWrap straps at the calf following the success they have had on the last few lines using the SlingWrap at the knee; allowing for a more customized fit to the player’s liking.

Finally at the boot, the Active response toe and boot straps have been lengthened even more than the previous generation following customer and pro feedback to allow for mor play off the strap and reliving some pressure off of the hips and knees of the goalies.

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BRAND: Warrior
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