Warrior Ritual X4 E Senior Hockey Goalie Pants

Product Information

All new for 2023, The Warrior X4 E Senior Goalie pants are here to bring maximum protection and flexibility to today’s modern goalie!

The X4 E pants offer an ultra lightweight design combined with no internal belt for a conventional fit for goalies who desire that old-school feel. Durable and removable suspender buttons are included as well to secure suspenders to the pants.

Next, the AxyCut technology is enhanced on the outer edge of the pant. The AxyCut feature eliminates interference between the pants and leg pads when transitioning in and out of the butterfly.


If you are an entry-Level goaltender looking for an ultra-lightweight and mobile pant, the Warrior Ritual X4 E Senior Goalie Pants are for you.

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PLU: 235685
BRAND: Warrior
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Colour: BLACK
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