Warrior Covert QR5 40 Senior Hockey Gloves

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Looking to upgrade their popular Covert glove line for 2022, Warrior Hockey is introducing the Covert QR5 40 Senior Hockey Gloves. With a new fit and feel, the Covert QR5 40 is looking to improve your mobility and control at the recreational level of the game.

The Covert QR5 40 gloves will offer Warrior’s Covert Taper Fit 2.0. This is a brand new fit and feel where the glove better contours and flexes with the natural shape of your hand. The goal is to make the glove feel like an extension of your hand giving you optimal control over every movement. This is achieved by the glove hugging the wrist and hand providing the ultimate in mobility and protection.

Along the backhand, the Covert QR5 40 gloves will include Warrior’s Exo foams, which are first class foam protection combined with absorbing shield inserts to absorb those big slashes and hits against your hand.

Adding to the game ready feel is Warrior’s SmartPalm. This classic palm provides a simple mix of feel and durability. This gives a great level of durability and control in the palm area, which is a key part of the glove.

If you are a recreational-level player looking for good mobility and control, then check out the Warrior Covert QR5 40 Senior Hockey Gloves.

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