Bauer Senior Gsx Goalie Catcher Glove Trapper

Product Information

The new Bauer GSX is the perfect model for all those goalies out there trying to ball on a budget or for those who don't need the elite level performance of the 3S and UltraSonic. It is their newest rendition of Bauer’s S27 glove. Ranging in sizes from Senior all the way down to the little guys in the Prodigy Youth gear.

External Material
The entirety of the exterior of this glove is covered in a synthetic leather material to give good durability, as well as some good performance at this price point.

Break Angle
The break angle on the new Supreme trapper is similar to the previous model, in a 75 degree break. The break is geared toward the fingertip-thumb closure angle, resulting in a wide open feel when the catch surface is open.

Additional Information:

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Hand: REG
Colour: BLK
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