Shimano Acera REAR Derailleur RD-M360-L SGS 7/8Spd Black

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The Shimano Acera RD-M360 rear derailleur is suitable for 7 and 8-speed drivetrains. It has been designed according to the Wide-Link concept with further apart bearings, which increases rigidity and counteracts torsion under load. As a top-normal rear derailleur, the RD-M360 supports fast down shifting of multiple gears in the Shimano SIS indexing system.


Series: Acera M360
Application: Cross Country, City
Gearing: 7-speed, 8-speed
Mount: standard
Capacity: 43 teeth
Compatibility: Shimano MTB / City & Touring 6-/7-/8-speed
Compatibility - Chains: HG 7-/8-speed

Technical Information:

Derailleur Pulleys: 13/13 teeth
Outer Cage Material: steel
Inner Cage Material: steel
Other Materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminium


- Wide link design for higher rigidity and precise shifting operations
- Advanced Light Action
- 13/13t derailleur pulleys
- Particularly light
- galvanised cage plates
- 1 joint bushing, fluorine-coated


Wide Link
The greater distance between the bearing points increases rigidity and stability. The inner as well as the right parallelogram body were designed wider in favour of higher strength. Twisting is prevented, so that gear changes are more crisp, precise and fluid - even when you get up out of the saddle.

Top Normal
Top standard rear derailleurs are traditionally spring-loaded rear derailleurs. Users of Rapidfire Plus levers prefer the longer response time of Top Normal rear derailleurs, as they downshift more gears faster. Riders who give top priority to responsiveness also appreciate downshifting with their thumbs.

The system constituents such as the index mechanism built in the shifting lever, the frictionless SIS rear index shifting cable and the smooth action rear derailleur build the Shimano Index System.


- Cage Length: SGS
- Largest Sprocket Teeth (max.): 34 teeth
- Largest Sprocket Teeth (min.): 28 teeth
- Smallest Sprocket Teeth (max.): 14 teeth
- Smallest Sprocket Teeth (min.): 11 teeth
- Chainring Difference (max.): 20 teeth
- Total Capacity: 43 teeth
- Manufacturer Part Numbers: E-RDM360SGSL (black), E-RDM360SGSS (silver)


- 1 x Shimano Acera RD-M360 rear derailleur

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