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The Vaughn VE8 XP intermediate goalie trapper is a new take on what most goalies think of as a Vaughn trapper. By building the Vaughn VE8 XP intermediate trapper from the ground up, Vaughn has created a trapper that works much better for goalies that are a fan of the "fingers up" catching position.

The VE8 XP intermediate trapper still includes one of the best features introduced to all of the VE8 trappers however. This is the offset and split T of course. This T does a couple of things for the VE8 XP intermediate trapper. For one, it widens the pocket and presents more of the twine to the shooter. This increased pocket size also helps with puck retention once the puck is in there. The offset portion of the T however, helps with the closure of the glove. By moving the attachment point off to one side, the trapper closes much more flush when compared to T that sits directly in the middle of the closure.

Another unique feature that the VE8 XP intermediate trapper offers is a single-peice cuff design. The single piece cuff allows for a more solid catching surface on the front of the trapper, which will kick pucks away further if the puck is going off the cuff rather than in the pocket.

Vaughn has also increased the protection on the palm of the VE8 XP intermediate catch glove by adding extra foam to the outside of the felt in the palm. Since the pocket is closer to the palm when compared to the standard VE8 intermediate trapper, it is important to make sure that the palm has that much more protection.

With these features and unique design, especially for a Vaughn glove goalies are sure to find a VE8 trapper that will work for their style of play.

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PLU: 220342
BRAND: Vaughn
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