Bauer S19 Vapor Prodigy Grip Youth Stick 40 Flex - 52"

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For the 2019-2020 season, Bauer is excited to announce their brand-new Prodigy stick line, designed specifically for younger players who are still developing their game!

Starting with the shaft construction, the Vapor Prodigy Hockey Stick is made up of UD carbon fibers that give the stick a lightweight and durable feel. Furthering the durability is the R2 Resin System on the interior of the stick that further increases durability against impacts and flexing of the stick. This will help maintain that “pop” feel of a brand-new stick.

The Vapor Prodigy Hockey Stick is a low-kick stick, powered by the QRT Technology. This taper allows players to get the puck off their blade as quickly as possible, while remaining controlled during hard shots. With the creation of this new stick line, comes the addition of a new curve by the name of P01. This curve will make it easier for young players to lift the puck during shooting, and make it easier to send and receive passes!

Moving to the blade, the Vapor Prodigy Hockey Stick utilizes Bauer’s MaxBalance blade construction. This blade has been reinforced in the high-wear areas such as the heel giving the blade improved durability. The optimized carbon fiber layout reduces the weight without sacrificing puck feel during stickhandling and shooting. Additionally, it features an Aerofoam core, further improving the durability, puck control, and puck feel.

With the introduction of the Bauer Vapor Prodigy Junior Ice Hockey Stick, younger players can now receive ultimate performance while still learning the fundamentals of the game!


  • 52" Junior flex 40

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