Elan Ski & Snowboard Company History


Elan's story begins during World War ll, when twelve craftsmen and engineers manufacture several hundred pairs of lighweight, durable wooden skis for Partisan troops.

Formally, Elan is established in 1945 by Rudi Finžgar, a visionary and an audacious ski jumper, who jumps a world record (95 meters) in 1941. The beginning is more than promising, as after only a few years Elan is exporting to the US and rolls out 800 pairs of skis a year.



Expanding the range.

The Fifties and Sixties are marked by product range expansion, which among skis include boats, kayaks, canoes, tennis and badminton rackets, table-tennis equipment, ice picks, mountain rescue gear, racing and recreational sleights and water skis. In 1963 Elan sets up an Institute for innovations, which yields the first patented solutions only two years later.

blooming 70's and 80's.

In the next decade the brand name Elan really starts to shine, thanks to the Swedish wunderkind and skiing legend Ingemar Stenmark. Still the record holder for most World Cup victories of all time (86 to be exact), Ingemar achieves this fantastic result on Elan skis, from the first to his last race. It's no coincidence Elan becomes one of the biggest ski manufacturers in the world and in 1984 as many as 168 racers in various disciplines are equipped with Elan skis, among others the Slovenian skiing legend and one of the few men who succeeded in defeating Ingemar, Bojan Križaj.

The 90's carving revolution

In the Nineties Elan adds another innovation to its long list and causes a major stir: they introduce shaped carving skis, which are arguably the most important novelty in the contemporary skiing industry. A true revolution.

Snowboards are added to the product roster, where innovations abound, with the lightest and the widest models on the market. As every innovation creates the need for new innovations, Elan comes up with several new solutions in the following years, from Fusion, the first integrated binding system, to WaveFlex, the best optimiziation of soft flex and torsional stiffness and the latest Amphibio, featuring an unprecedented combination of rockered and cambered profile on the outside and inside ski.



Most innovative brand in skiing.

Decades of revolutions and dedicated R&D work culminates in 2012 when Elan is named the most innovative sports brand by Plus X Award, and again in 2015. This was an important accolade and a serious commitment for the following decades that today culminates in innovations like Waveflex, Lightskiing and teh productions of the lightest women's ski in the world, the revolutionary Amphibio 4D technology and our latest freeride and backcountry weapon - the Ripstick.

Influenced by the zeal of local people, inspired by the passion of its customers and empowered by the ingenuity of its employees and ambassadors Elan will continue to shape the future of skiing and sports in general with its dedication and love of the sport.

"Ski ya later!"
(Glen Plake)